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They got'a Guy, Now You've got "My Girl"

Managed marketing services for every small and medium size business.

Big business always has an internal marketing department or a person handling there marketing… Now so can you. As a business owner you wear many hats, from paying the bills to selling your wares to marketing your business and networking with other business owners, just like you. We are here to be your internal marketing department that will give you hours back in your day/week/month with no worry marketing program analysis and implementation to help you brand your business successfully.


Most large businesses have an internal marketing dept. or individual that handles there marketing plan, marketing reviews, marketing buys.....but that is a salaried person of overhead, benefits, vacation time and/or time you just don't have because you wear so many hats.....  Our team will work for you.  


Our team has over 35 year of Marketing & Advertising experience hard at work for you.


You need to get back to what you enjoy in your business and the reasons you started your business....we will help you with the details to get your business found and keep you visible online.  Meet with all the marketing companies that constantly call in and out and put a plan together with you to reach your business goals.



​Managed Services